Hijab in Islam is the shield of a women


Hijab in Islam is the shield of a women

I was a student of New Jersey City University when I embrace Islam, there is God is my belief. As I met a Lebanese Muslim women I become Muslim,
As I turn, Others asked me about what I feel, and how the Hijab will protect me?

What admires me the most?

Impressed by punctuality and timing of Prayers (Namaz)

every namaz is prayed in a very defined time, First (Fajar) as the first light of day begins, Second (Zuhar) when the Sun is at the peak, Third when the sun is going down and Shadows begins, the next when the Sun set’s and Lastly In the dark. Although we can say that it is proportional to your daily cycle, and the human brain clock remains updated.

What I admired the most is Hijab

A half-naked woman is not allowed to go to men’s party. She has to cover her face as well full body as a wall between men and as a women that makes Islamic Civilization more peaceful and more sophisticated. Wives are assured that unknown women will not attract their husbands.
At this time Europe and the USA situation is complacency. Wives and husbands don’t trust each other and the trust level is less, which leads to chaos and selfishness. that is the reason European countries have many family problems while Muslim countries have many Lacks but this is apart.

Any ways when I go out I cover my head and wear a long coat. at first, I found that a little difficult in means of physiological, I was in a community where Women loves appearance and show boldness, betterment comes when I count the pros instead of cons. My Inner soul adopts it and I feel comfortable wearing that even I was in streets and some loafers whistle at me because I know Allah has Given me the Right path to choose and I am on it, May Allah Give that to you soon.


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