Internal issues of Hazrat Usman's Caliphate (part 2)

Conspiracy of Abdullah bin Saba:

He preached his false self-coined beliefs secretly and selected the main headquarters of Muslim military power(Kufa,Basrah,Syria and Egypt)as centers of his activities.He picked up a number of newly converted Muslims who lent an easy ear to his preachings.
Some simple Muslims who were having certain complaints against various governors also joined him.
Reign of Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.)

It was the real cause of all the troubles.
First of all,he visited Madinah to note the Internal conditions of the capital.
He pretended to be a very pious Muslim but could not get much followers over there.Then, he went to Basrah and started to preach his beliefs and incite the public against various Muslim officers.At that time, Hazrat Abdullah bin Amir(R.A.)was the governor.Hwaring about his activities,he called him and made certain enquires of which Abdullah bin Saba became frightened and left Basrah leaving his followers and workers over there under the supervision of Hakim bin Hublah,one of the opponents of the governor.
From Basrah, Abdullah bin Saba moved to Kufa and found it more suitable for his destructive activities.He pretended to be a very pious Muslim and because of his show of piety,a number of simple Muslims started to respect him.Then,he preached his beliefs.
Soon the governor of Kufa, Hazrat Sad bin al-'As(R.A.)was informed about him.He called him and warned him about his fake beliefs and the damage he wanted to cause to the Muslim community.For this reason,he left Kufa as well but made Ashtar as his deputy with instructions that the mission should be continued secretly .
Reign of Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A.)|Third Caliph of Islam

From there,he also went to Damascus but was not successful because of the strict control of Hazrat Amir Mu'awiya (R.A.).
At last he selected Egypt ant went there .The governor of Egypt, Hazrat Abdullah bin Sarah (R.A.)was busy in the battles against Byzantine forces in North Africa and could not pay much attention to Ibn Saba's activities.
He continued correspondence with his followers in Basra , Kufa and other places from Egypt,and gave them directions for creating disorder and rivalry among the Muslims.
The Sabaties also worked through out the state against various governors.They were the real cause of their removal from time to time.
Sabaties were the main figures behind the removal of Hazrat Abu Musa Asha'ri(R.A.)from the governorship of Basra at the time when their mission was not so popular.

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