The Dawn of Islam|Preaching of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAW)outside the Makkah|Prophetic age of Prophet Muhammad SAW

 1: Extreme oppression and cruelty:

Abu Talib died a few days later and then Hazrat Khadija (R.A.)left this mortal world.
Prophet Muhammad SAW used to call this year,"the year of sorrow".
Opposition of Quraish and their tormenting intensified after the demise of these two nobles .This was the hardest time for Islamic movement.
Now, Quraish started tormenting Muslims and Prophet Muhammad SAW with utmost cruelty.
The Dawn of Islam|Early life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

2: Preaching outside Makkah:

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) decided to go out of Makkah to spread the message of Islam . Following this program,He(SAW) reached Taif,the valley housed a lot of rich and influential people.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)went to them with the message of Islam.But the wealth and status refrained them from accepting the truth,as it happens usually.In short ,these "elders"took Him lightly even and incited the rowdies and hooligans of the city against Him(SAW).
These goons intercepted The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and made mockery of His(SAW) preaching and on,one occasion,they even stoned Him(SAW)so much that HE (SAW)got wounded and blood flew down filling HIS(SAW) shoes but they continued stoning and abusing till the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)took shelter in a garden.
One can easily think of the kind of the courage and boldness required to go alone in an alien city opposed to Him (SAW) and propagate religion and convey the message of ALLAH to the people .This is the highest example of one's complete faith and dependence on ALLAH and a worth emulating model for future generations.

3:Islam in Madinah:
The Dawn of Islam|Prophetic age of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Islam was spreading in the farthest area of Arabian peninsula.It entered Madinah also.
Jews had inhabited Madinah for a long time.They built their homes near Madinah.Aus and Khazraj were two brothers whose native land was Yemen but for a long period,they had been settled in Madinah.Their progeny later developed into two big dynasties which were called Aus and Khazraj,the same people who were later called Ansar.These people too inhabited in Madinah and it's suburbs.
These people were idol worshippers but due to the interaction with the Jews,they were familiar with the concept of Prophethood, revelation,divine books and the beliefs regarding Doomsday.
They had nothing of their own,so they were impressed by Jews and used to listen them.
The head Jew erudites saying that a messenger is due to come in this world and whoever will accompany him ,will be successful.
The followers of this Messenger will overcome the whole world.
Due to these for tellings people of Madinah got attracted towards Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and His (SAW)call to Islam .
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)routine was that during the time of Hajj ,He(SAW)used to go to the chiefs of tribes.
He (SAW)used to convey to them the message of Islam.It happened in 10th year of the Prophethood that Prophet Muhammad (SAW)gave a call to join Islam and recited some verses from QURAN before some people of Khazraj dynasty.This recitation affected their hearts.
and they understood that,this was the PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) about whom Jew scholars had said that a Messenger was due to come .In this way,It was the entry of Islam in Ansar of Madinah and the settlement which was due to become and which ultimately became the cardinal point for Islamic movement.

4:Intensity in opposition:

Enmity and struggle increases with the  expansion of every movement.
But the tempest,which the Islamic movement's expansion brought,was hard test for the supporters of this movement .So,on one hand ,the Islamic movement was expanding and on the other ,the circumstances that(Prophet Muhammad SAW)and His (SAW) followers were facing ,got bad to worse.
Chiefs of Quraish had decided that they would harass Prophet Muhammad(SAW) to an extent that He(SAW)will give up preaching Islam.
All major chiefs of Quraish were the neighbours of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and some were His(SAW)great foes .
These people used to lay thorns in Prophet Muhammad(SAW)path ,make fun of Him while He (SAW) offered Namaz .while He (SAW)was prostrating,they used to put tripe on His (SAW) neck.They used to roll the sheet around His (SAW)neck and pull it so relentlessly that His(SAW)blessed neck would become red with marks on it.

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