Prophethood Stage of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)|Effort of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)in spreading Islam (part 5)

 Second Phase:

1: Proclamation of Invitation to Islam:

Now the guidance came from ALLAH PAK to proclaim openly the invitation to Islam So,One day Prophet Muhammad (SAW)climbed mountain Safa and called out at the top of His (SAW) voice "ya Sabaha ".
It was Arab's customs that in case of a peril,Someone used to climb an elevated place and call out these words and people used to gather at this call.
Early life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

So,when the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)called out these words atop the mountain Safa,large number of people gathered there .Among them was Prophet Muhammad (SAW)Abu Lahab.When people gathered,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)said,

"O people!If I tell you that a grand army is waiting behind this mountain to attack you, will you believe me?"
Definitely by all means, you (SAW)have never told a lie and we regard You(SAW)as truthful and trust worthy."
Then The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)said,
"O people!I call you towards praying ALLAH and I (SAW)want to refrain from the evils of idolatry.But if you deny (ALLAH'S RELIGION)I (SAW)warn you of a severe and painful chastisement."
Quraysh,hearing this,got incesed and Abu Lahab asked angrily,"had you called us only to convey this?"
It was an open call of Islam.
Now ALLAH'S Prophet Muhammad (SAW) declared openly the task that was assigned to Him(SAW)and the message to which He(SAW)was inviting them all .
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)has proclaimed that ALLAH is the SOLE CREATER and OWNER of this universe.
HE created man and UE is the master of all creatures.The man'place is nothing more than being ALLAH'S slave.It is man's duty to serve ALLAH and obey HIS commands.

2: Reasons of opposition to Islamic cause:
Dawn of Islam|early stage of life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

This open invitation to Islam was most perplexing for Quraish and they were opposing the call vehemently.
Ka'abah was the source of honour and dignity for Makkah and the Quraish were the trustee and caretaker of Ka'abah.So in a way , Quraish were ruling the whole Arabia from the religious point of view.People used to seek their advice and addicts in affair regarding religion and regarded them reliable.
It was obvious that blind faith in ancestral religion did not let them to listen to the word of guidance.
This was the reason that people used to eat exasperated on hearing the message of guidance.Quraish's elite and men of power were viewing to down fall of their "religious dominance".In case this new faith in Islam takes roots .So everyone of them was opposing the call to Islam with as much force as they had.
The polytheistic religion did not prohibit them from these wrong doings and they were enjoying the lofty status among their people.

3: dealing with the opponents:

The part of the Holy Quran that was being revealed in this period was full of instructions to cope with this situation.
The objection of opponents were met with proper replies fir example in chapter Al-Qalam ,ALLAH ALMIGHTY has pacified the Prophet:
Thou art not,by the grace thy LORD,mad or possessed.Nay verily for theeis a reward unfailing: and surely thou hast sublime morals.soon with thou see and they will see, which of you afflicted with madness.
Verily it is thy LORD that knoweth best, which (among men)hath strayed from HIS path :and HE knoweth best those who receive (true) guidance.So o ey not to those who deny (the truth )Their desire is that thou shouldst be plaint.So would they be plaint .
Then leave me alone with such as reject this message:by degrees shall we draw them on little by little from directions they perceive not .
A(long)respite will I grant them:truly powerful is my plan.Or is it that thou dost ask them from r a reward,to that they are burdened with a load of debt?So wait with patience for the command of thy LORD .(Surah Al-Qalam :2-31)
This chapter is a specimen from the Holy Quran that was revealed in this Makkan period of Islamic movement.It was made crystal clear that the inviter to Islam was neither a soothsayer nor a sorcerer.
Compare the qualities of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)with the characteristics of poets, sorcerer and soothsayers;there is nothing similar or analogous.

4: Masses attention to the message:

Quraysh's anti Islamic propaganda was causing curiosity in the hearts of the people.They wanted to see and listen to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) sermons so as to know the reality.The visitors to Ka'abah or the traders who used to visit Makkah,started visiting Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) secretly.
Deeply touched by by His (SAW) compassionate being and divine Ayahs,these people,on return to their hometowns,used to persuade others to Islam in their  respective respective regions.A large number of people from adjoining areas started pouring in Makkah only to have a glimpse of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat Abu Zarr's(R.A.)incident is good example.Ghifar tribe was located on the route used by Quraish to reach Sham (Syria)when the word about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)reached in this tribe,Hazrat Abu Zarr (R.A)got curious to meet the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)First he sent his brother Anees to Makkah to collect information about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and His (SAW) preachings.
Accordingly and told Hazrat Abu Zarr(R.A.)that"the person[The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)]bears a moral character,teaches good manners and invite the people to One ALLAH and the Ayas,He(SAW),are quite different from poetic words ."
Abu Zarr(R.A)could not suppress desire to meet the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
So,He set off for the journey to Makkah.
Hazrat Abu Zarr (R.A.)when back among his people , persuaded his people to embrace Islam,half of the tribe responded positively to his call and embraced Islam.

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