Efforts of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAW) after Prophethood|Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW|Reasons for the migration for the of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)to Madinah (part 2)

 1:Departure from Makkah:

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)called Hazrat Ali (R.A.)on the very night that had been fixed for Prophet's Muhammad (SAW) murder by infidels,and told that I have gotten the command for Migration.
Tonight I will set off for Madinah.
I have been entrusted with the deposits of many people.Return these deposits in the morning to them and lie on my bed tonight.So that they get satisfied about my presence in the house.
Infidels of Makkah were thirsty of Prophet's(SAW)blood but despite this,they used to regard Him trustworthy and honest and used to entrust with Him their wealth and belongings.
Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW|Dawn of Islam

Infidels besieged Prophet's house at night.When the deepened, Prophet (SAW)came out. of the house calmly reciting the Ayahs from chapter Yaseen.
Then,He(SAW) threw a fistful of dust towards infidels and passed away among them.At this time,by the omnipotence of ALLAH ALMIGHTY,those besieging the house,lost their senses and could not see the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)treading away.
Then, Prophet Muhammad (SAW)took Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R A.)from His house and along with him took refuge in Saur cave.

2: Sojourn in cave Saur:

The son of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.),was a minor at that time He used to stay with them at night and in the morning,he would come to Makkah and collect information about the plannings of infidels and convey the information to both the elders.Later at night ,a slave of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R .A )used to fetch goat milk or some food for them.So these two stayed there for three nights.
In the morning,when the infidels came to know that The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)has migrated from Makkah,they became enraged and started looking for The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)here and there .At one time,they reached at the mouth of cave Saur where Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.)were hiding.
Early life of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him|dawn of Islam

Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.)got perplexed, hearing the sound of footsteps.He (R.A.)was not worried for himself but He(R.A.)was worried for the safety of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAW)lest somebody may harm Him(SAW).
Prophet Muhammad (SAW), seeing his (R.A.) condition solaced him(R.A.) calmly and said:
"Do not panic ,ALLAH is with Us."(Chapter Tauba).
And it happened so.By the decree of ALLAH,some signs appeared at the entrance of the cave.
The infidels The infidels saw them and thought that nobody has entered the cave.
The infidels also announced a reward of 100 camels for the person who arrested The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)dead or alive .A lot of people set off in search of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAW)after this announcement.

3: Journey to Madinah:

On the fourth day, Prophet Muhammad (SAW)came out of the cave Saur and travelled throughout the night and day .A guide had also been appointed.

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