Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW|Efforts of Hazrat MUHAMMAD Peace be upon Him for Islam after Prophethood |Reasons for migration to Madinah.

 1: First Oath Allegiance at Iqbal in 621A.D:

Twelve men gathered in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and took the oath of allegiance and Expressed the desire that they want someone who can teach them Islamic rules.
So, Hazrat Mus'ab  bin Umair (R.A.)was sent with them.He (R.A.)used to visit each and every house in Madinah.He(R.A.)used to recite Ayahs of Holy Quran before them and invite them towards Islam.One or two men used to embrace Islam daily.Slowly,Islam started spreading outside Madinah.
The chief of Aus tribe Hazrat Sa'ad bin Mua'az(R.A.)also embraced Islam on the preaching of Mus'ab(R.A.).
Soon,the whole Aus tribe followed him and converted to Islam.
Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW|efforts of Hazrat MUHAMMAD SAW for Islam

2: Second Oath of allegiance at Uqba in 622A.D.

Seventy two men came the next few ear and converted to Islam in the presence of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him.Tuey did not tell their companions about it.They promised to be with Islamic movement whatever the circumstances may come.Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him selected twelve out of these 72 persons and appointed them as chiefs.Nine of these twelve were from Khazraj tribe and the rest three were from Aus tribe.
They promised Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him that:
  1. They will worship only ALLAH.
  2. They will not steal.
  3. They will not commit fornication.
  4. They will not kill their children.
  5. They will not bring false allegation against anyone 
  6. After their  taking oath of allegiance, Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him said to them,"if you comply with these conditions,then,there is tiding heaven for you, Otherwise your matter is in the hands of ALLAH,HE can forgive you or chastise you."
    Dawn of Islam|early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Counsel for the Prophet Muhammad 's(Peace be upon Him) Killing:

With the advent of thirteenth year of Prophethood a lot of companions had migrated to Madinah.It was a matter of worry for Quraish when they observed that Muslims were getting powerful in Madinah and Islam was thriving there.
So,they started chalking out plans to eliminate Islam .They had a fixed place "house of counseling"for discussing local issues .All senior chiefs, representing each tribe, gathered there and discuss the ways to suppress this movement.
Some of them were of the view that Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him should be chained and confined in a lonely house but other rejected this idea and said,the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him would rescue Him(SAW) and they may defeat us .
Some others opined that Muhammad SAW should be banished but this was also rejected on the ground that wherever He SAW goes,His(SAW)words will attract people and they will follow Him(SAW) and movement will gain momentum.
At the end,Abu Jahal said,that,select a youth from every tribe and make a group,this group will kill Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him.In this way ,all tribes will be included in His(SAW) murder and it will not be possible for Hashimite dynasty to wage a war single-handedly against all the tribes.Allgave asset to this plan and a night was for xed for this purpose and it was  decided also that on that night the  group of youths will besiege the house of Prophet Muhammad SAW and when He(SAW) steps out in the morning,they will kill Him(SAW).
Arabs used to avoid entering anybody's house at midnight.
ALLAH ALMIGHTY made Prophet Muhammad SAW aware of this plan and this was the time that Prophet Muhammad SAW got the order , through the revelation,to migrate from Makkah to Madinah.So, Prophet Muhammad SAW consulated Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.)two or three days prior to the migration and it was settled that Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.)will accompany Him(SAW).
Camels for this journey were also arranged.

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