The Dawn of Islam|The Prophetic age(570-632)|Biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)|A Chronology of the Major events in His(SAW)life(part 1)

 1: Introduction:

The name of Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon Him) father was Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib .The name of Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon Him)tribe was Quraish,the most distinguished amazing Ng all Arab tribes .
Early stage of life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him)

Many persons like Nadr,Fahr and Qusai bin kalab from this all Arab tribes were prominent in terms of honour and wealth.
Qusai was appointed as the trustee of the sanctuary of Ka'abah in his time.this added to their honour.
Qusai did some commendable jobs like providing pilgrims with drinking water and food.
Later on,these works were carried on by his successors .The trusteeship of Ka'abah and making proper arrangements for pilgrims were the honour and distinguished place amongst all arabs .
So much was the reverence of this tribe that nobody dared to touch the caravan of this clan.
Quraish were comfortable in take ng their merchandise from one place to another.
Abdul Muttalib had sons.One of them is Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)father Hazrat Abdullah , second is Abu Talib ,though He did not embrace Islam but acted as the Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon Him) guardian for a long time .
Hazrat Hamza (R.A.)and Hazrat Abbas (R A.)were the third and fourth, respectively who embraced Islam and gained a high status in Islamic History .
Abdul Muttalib's fifth son was Abu Lahab who is notorious for his anti Islamic activities.
Hazrat Abdullah got married to the Whab bin Abd-Manaf's daughter Hazrat Amna ,an eminent personality in Quraish tribe .He stayed with his in-laws for three days as was their custom.Then He set off for Sham (Syria)for commercial purpose.
On his way back to Makkah ,He had serious illness and died in Madinah.

2: Birth of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him):

It was the blessed morning of 12th Rabi -ul- Awwal , the day was Monday in 571A.D.that the mercy for the whole worlds, opened His eyes on this blessed land .This was the light which was to dispell darkness of the world and to bestow the message of guidance to the humanity.This message was last till Doomsday and was the greatest blessing of the Creator of the universe.
Early stage of life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him)

As father HAZRAT Abdullah had died ,Grandfather named Him MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him) meaning the' praised one'.

3: Childhood of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him):

First of all Hazrat Amna (R.A.) look after(Him(Peace be upon Him)It was customary for Arabs to send their infants to rural areas for nursing and upbringing,so that,they may get the full of fresh air of suburbs and learn the eloquent way of speaking Arabic.Bedouins were regarded more eloquent than those living in towns .
Women from rural areas used to visit the towns to take babies with them for suckling and fostering.
So after a few days,some women from Havazin tribe came to Makkah  .Haleema Sadia was among these ladies.She is the exalted lady who got the unmatched honour of suckling MUHAMMAD (peace be upon Him.
She came back to Makkah after two years to hand over Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) to His mother Hazrat Amna (R.A.).But Makkah ,at that time,was reeling under epidemic,so Hazrat Amna(R .A )sent her back.So Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him)stayed with Hazrat Halima.
When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) attained the sixth year,His (SAW) Hazrat Amna (R.A.)took him to Madinah perhaps she went there to visit her Husband grave or to meet Her relatives in Madinah.She stayed there for one month.
When she was returning to to Makkah ,She fell ill and died at Abwa She was buried at the same place.
Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him)grandfather,Abdul Muttalib, shouldered the responsibility of grandson's upbringing .He always kept grandson with Him.But He died after two years.
Before leaving this mortal world He entrusted Muhammad (SAW) to His son Abu Talib.Who performed His duty with extreme commitment.Abu Talib and Prophet Muhammad's father Hazrat Abdullah were from the same mother .
Abu Talking b had a deep love for Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him).He used to avoid His 
own children for Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him) pleasure He used to take Hazrat MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him)with him wherever he went .
Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)at the age of 12, started grazing the goats with other children.
Grazing the quadrupeds was very common occupation of children even the ones from Noble families used to graze goats.
Abu Talib was a trader.

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