The Dawn of Islam|The Prophetic age (570-632)|A chronology of the major events in His life (part3)

 1: Marriage:

Hazrat Khadija (R.A.)was a rich and prestigious lady of Makkah.People also used to call her Tahira .She (R.A.)was very rich and used to operate her business.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was 25 years old at this juncture.He(SAW)had established Himself as a man of high moral status and a trustworthy trader.
So, Hazrat Khadija sent a man to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and asked Him (SAW) to take Her Merchandise for  trade.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) accepted the offer with her merchandise.
He(SAW) performed His job well.Then ,He(SAW)came back to Makkah.After three months, Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) proposed Him.Ye (SAW) accepted the proposal.At the time of marriage, Hazrat Khadija (R.A.)was 40 years old.

Dawn of Islam|Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW

2: construction of Holy Ka'abah (605AD):

Ka'abah was a roof less construction.The walls were not very high,the building was in low lying area .The rain water used to flow towards this direction.So,a dam was built to stop the inflowing water but this dam was too weak to stop the gushing water and often it collapsed The water used to damage the Holy construction.So ,it was settled to rebuild the Holy Ka'abah.All Quraish tribes joined hands to rebuild it .
The construction work was divided among the tribes because nobody wanted to be deprived of this noble deed .
But the re-installation of Hajr -e -Aswad became an issue.
Every trying be claimed the honour.
The swords took the place of spades.This dispute lasted for four days.On the fifth day,an elderly Qurayshite suggested that we should appoint a judge to solve this issue and the first person who enters the sanctuary in the morning will be the judge.
By the virtue of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, THE Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW(was the one to enter the sanctuary.
So, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)asked the all the claimant tribes appoint their representatives and each tribe will send one man only.
Then,HE(SAW)spread a sheet on the ground and put the Holy relic on it and ask the chiefs to hold onto the four corners of the sheet and raised it.When they lifted the stone in this manner Upto the proper height,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) placed the stone in its  place .
In this way,a bloody war was averted .

3:Cave Hira and first Revelation (610A.D.):
Dawn of Islam|The Prophetic age|Early stage of life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

There was a cave at a distance of three miles in Makkah . Hazrat MUHAMMAD ( SAW) used to stay in this cave for hours worshipping ALLAH.One day Muhammad (SAW)was busy in worshipping ALLAH as the usual.It was a month of Ramadan that an angel sent by ALLAH, appeared before Him(SAW).This angel was Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.)Who has the most elevated place among angels and Who has been bringing ALLAH'S messages to the Prophets.Hazrat Jibril (A.S.) appeared and asked the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)"read"Prophet Muhammad (SAW)replied "I am Illiterate".
Hearing this Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.) started pressing the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)so much so that HE (SAW) got tired.
Then Hazrat Jibraeel(A.S.) loosened his grip and asked Him (SAW)"read"but Prophet Muhammad (SAW). again denied,then Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.) pressed Him(SAW) third time and after loosening his grip,He asked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)to say:
Proclaim!(or read !) In the name of thy LORD and Cherisher ,WHO created-Created man,out of a leech-like clot :
Proclaim!And thy LORD is the meaning st bountiful
HE WHO taught (the use of ) the pen,--Taught man that was which he knew not .
(Quran 96:1-5)

This was the first Revelation.The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)came back to His house, having a trembling heart.He(SAW)asked Hazrat Khadija (R A.),"wrap me in a blanket!wrap me up in a blanket!"She did accordingly.
When Prophet Muhammad (SAW)felt calm,He (SAW)Told Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) about what had happened to Him in Hira.
Whatever the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said and the way Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) pacified Him is nothing but natural feeling .
After these pacification ,She took the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to Warqa bin Naufal ,an elder Christian priest He used to recite Taurah. Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) narrated to him the whole incident of cave Hira.Hearing all this,Warqa said that , the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would be the Prophet.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)used to visit cave Hira and pray there.Six month passed over the first Revelation,this gap help the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)to overcome the effects of the first experience.Now,the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) curiously waiting for the descending of second revelation, Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.)used to visit the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)to pacify Him and assure Him(SAW)that He(SAW)has been selected to shoulder this responsibility of conveying the message of ALLAH to HIS slaves.
After sometime(Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.)started frequenting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
The second revelation in cave Hira was the initial Ayahs of chapter Almuddassir :
Oh thou wrapped up (in a mantle )!arise and deliver thy warning!thy Lord do thou magnify!And thy garments free from stain and all abomination shun!
Nor expect in giving any increase (for thyself)!But, for thy Lord's(cause)be patient and constant.
Thanks s was the beginning of the Prophethood.Then the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)got the words,"rise and show the path of success and prosperity to the deviated humanity and warn them that there is no way of success but the slavery of ALLAH .
WHoever will tread on this path of slavery , will succeed.
Warm them of the deadly end after the end of this life in case they deviate from the right path.
The basis of human life is the slavery of ALLAH and admission of HIS Greatness and Magnificence."

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