The Dawn of Islam|The Prophetic age (570-632)|Biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)A chronology of the major events in His life.|Hilful Fudul)part 2

1: Battle of fijjar:

A never-ending series of wars was on in pre-Islamic period.

Battle of fijjar is one these fierce and bloody battles .
This battle was fought between Quraish and Qais tribes.
As the Quraish were justified, Prophet Muhammad (SAW)sided with them .But He raised His hand on none .
Qais tribe dominated the battlefield,but,they were overpowered by Quraish.The war ended on on a compromise.
Dawn of Islam|Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW

2:Hilful Fudul:

The endless series of wars destroy hundreds of households.
After the battle of Fijjar was over,some peace -loving people came forward and launched a reformatory movement.One of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)uncle Zubair proposed that we should take some concrete steps to Keep the situation under control.
So,the elders of the Quraish sat face-to-face and a treaty was reached .It read:
  1. We will eradicate restlessness from within the land .
  2. We will provide protection to travellers .
  3. We will help the destitute.
  4. We will stretch a helping hand to oppressed people.
  5. We will not let any oppressor to operate from within Makkah.
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was also present there and He (SAW) joined the treaty and not only loved it but also remained proud of His participation in it.
Early life of Prophet Muhammad SAW|Dawn to Islam


Arabs and Quraish in particular have been traders since ancient times . Prophet Muhammad (SAW)uncle was also a trader .
So, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)also adopted the trade as His profession.Prophet Muhammad (SAW) journey with His uncle gained Him a lot of experience.So,when The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)started the business,the people found Him a Honest person im dealings and people started investing money in his trade .
Keeping of the words ,fairness in dealing , righteousness in honesty,all these qualities made Him extremely respectable among Quraish.
The people started calling Him Sadiq (true of words)and Ameen (trustworthy).
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)made several trips to Syria,Basra and Yemen for commercial purposes.

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