Achievements of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)Part 3

 1:Army and it's administration:

There was no Islamic regular force during the time of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)also followed His (Peace be upon Him) example.However when any army departed during His (R.A.)time,He(R.A.) divided it into various battalions .Each battalion was put under the command of an officer,who was under the control of the commander of the whole army .Moreover He(R.A.)also appointed commander in chief of various armies.The commander in chief of the four armies sent to Syria was Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.),Who was also known as Amir -ul.Umara ",as mentioned in some books of history.
Reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)

He took Particular care for the moral training of the military personnel.When He sent armies to Syria,He gave the following instructions to them:
"During your expedition you would find some people who devote themselves exclusively to worship of their creater.Don't disturb them and leave them in their sanctuaries.I give you the following advise !
  1. Don't kill any woman, child or old person;
  2. Don't cut any flowering tree;
  3. Don't destroy any inhabit place;
  4. Don't kill camel or goats except when you need them for your meals;
  5. Don't burn an oasis;
  6. Don't be dishonest in booty;
  7. Don't be coward in the field."
He reserved the part of the revenue for purchase of arms and Friday r the maintenance of the forces.
Special pastures were reserved for horses and camels used in the battles.One of such pastures was situated in Baqi' and other was situated in Rabadha.

2: Preaching of Islam:

As the Khalifa (deputy) of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) of ALLAH,He (R.A.)paid special attention towards preaching the right way of life . Because of His (R.A.) efforts the whole of Arabia once more and forever re-entered Islam.
He (R.A.)gave strict instructions to all the armies to call at first,the enemy to Islam.Invitation to Islam was usually given for three days before the start of a battle.A number of tribes in Iraq and other places accepted Islam without any battle when Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.)and other commanders preached.
Reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)

3:The department of Jurists (Muftis):

Besides the Judiciary in which qadis(judges)used to decide the cases,there was a special department of Muftis (Jurists)whose duty was to solve various problems of Muslims in the light of Holy Quran and the Sunnah of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

4: Judiciary:

The judiciary was totally separate from the executive.The judges appointed by Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)were Hazrat Umar(R.A.)and Hazrat Ali(R.A.)in Madinah.Beaing a great Jurist Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)was also a Judge and gave decisions on various cases.

5: Division of Arabian peninsula into various provinces:

Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.) divided the peninsula into various provinces for convenience of administration.In this time following were the provinces of Arabia:
  • Madinah
  • Makkah
  • Ta'if,San'a(North Yemen)
  • Yemen(i.e.South Yemen)
  • Najran, Hadarmaut
  • Bahrain
  • Dumatul-jandal
Every province was under the control of a governor who was the cheif executive officer of that region.He did not change the governors or the officers appointed by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) during His time .

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