Prophet Muhammad ( SAW)as A MOTIVATOR (DAA'I)

 The Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) conveyed the message of Islam which aims at universal "reforms"for humanity.The task was difficult but the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)never thought of using compulsion.While delivering the message of ALLAH,He (SAW) behaved as a described in the QURAN.HE (SAW) started educating people close to Him (SAW) immediately after HE (SAW) was charged with delivering the message and then the circle of people widened day by day.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Messenger and f ALLAH ALMIGHTY

Life in Madina :

After emigration to Madina His (SAW) educational activities increased , accelerated and became widespread.In Madina ,The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) first had the Masjid built .One of the most significant reasons for building a to the public was to able to lead the educational activities more effectively.In this Masjid,there was a room(Suffah) reserved only for the education.Thus,the number of educational institutions increased very quickly."Ye have indeed in the messenger of ALLAH a beautiful pattern (of conduct)for any one whose is in ALLAH and the final Day ,and who engages much in the Praise of ALLAH "(AL-Ahzab :21)
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was not only teaching the fundamentals of religion,but HE( SAW) was also acting as a model for the people with His attitude and behavior.He(SAW) was showing them how to put the things He(SAW) was teaching into practice in their lives.In other words ,He(SAW)was supporting and complementing His teaching with his personal life.
Activities of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Role of Companions:

Certainly The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was not alone in carrying out the educational activities which would encompass all humanity alone.Just as it was not possible for Him to reach everyone and everywhere,It was not possible for Him to reach everyone in exactly the same way.
Therefore,HE (SAW) worked on educating people with His companions.
However,The Prophet Muhammad ( SAW)appointed special teachers for people and places HE( SAW)was not able to reach .

Those teachers were educated by The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and were comparatively knowledgeable and competent individuals.Their supreme success In their task serve as a proof for this.


In Madina there were instructor in Suffah,ad well as many teachers in schools.The needs for education changed and varied gradually.Thus, expertise in education was necessary.The Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) assigned different teachers for people who wanted to learn different subjects.Non.Muslim teachers were also employed when needed In the first years reading and writing teachers were mostly non-muslims because there were just a few literate Muslims back then.ALLAH ALMIGHTY assigned the wives of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to teach as well There were female companions who were famous for their knowledge.

No Compulsion in Islam:

Islam neither coerces anyone to believe nor perceives disbelieving as inappropriate.Islam desires a person to prefer faith with his intelligence and free will.The important thing is the decision of mind and heart.Tabligh is to help people in this way and guide them to pass barriers on the way Therefore,The Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) never thought of using Compulsion even in times when He (SAW) was most powerful.On the contrary ,He (SAW) tried to make the educational activities more intensive, widespread and effective.

Education, foundation of a strong civilization:

The primary reason for the success of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)in calling people to Islam in the Arabian peninsula in such a short time was made it's emphasis on education.This call gave new life to people.The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)reached the hearts and minds of the people through educational activities.He(SAW)helped people to feel more human.When people learned the qualities of Islam and witnessed how individuals who became Muslim were transformed.,they accepted the invitation if the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The following are model principles and methods used by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW):
  • To identify the learners and organize the content appropriate to their level .
  • To be tolerant to learners .
  • To make them like what was being taught and to avoid their hating it or getting bored.
  • To arouse learners' interest and to show that they need to learn the material.
  • To take the intelligence, spirit, emotions and physical state of learners into consideration and to design the teaching considering their needs.
  • To make learners participate actively by thinking, searching and asking questions.
  • To have the most appropriate attitude, behaviour and talking style before learners.

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