In a war ,the surveillance is considered as the inevitable tactics and can never be ignored.Accordingly,the veterans of war at any level and era used to be innovative in order to give surprise and pelt the enemy with newel war strategies and tactics.Similarly ,THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)whose remain matchless in the subject of wisdom such as the other spheres of life , managed to make the rivals surprised with military tactics never pursued earlier .This could be possible only when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)asserted to be updated with the tactics of non - believer manoeuvrability and their development as well.According to a source,it is commented ,one of the Praiseworthy policies adopted by the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)in all the battles was that He (SAW)used to collect the information about the strength and location of the enemies.

Characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

1.Commitment with the  HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW):

Prior to the battle started ,the Muslims avowed to the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)to render their lives for the cause of Islam.Thwy also knew that to be surviving ,they had to make immense efforts ,demonstrate the real valour, passion and faith to ensure deterrence against the adversary's aggressive forces.That's why ,the companions of THE HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)proved a hallmark of sincerity to Islam and set examples of being altruistic for the divinely cause.That is how the Muslims under the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)emerged as a significant power in the region after the Battle of Badar .It is believed ,this battle laid the foundation of the Islamic state and made out of the Muslims a force to be reckoned with by the dwellers of the Arabian peninsula.

Therefore,the commitment to the prime objective,the survival and sincerity to the cause for sake of Islam enabled them not only to survive but also empowered them to wield the control within the Arabian peninsula, guaranteeing their worth -mentioning politico -military position.
Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

2.Millitary tactics of the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW):

The division of forces according to the requirements and making the wise development require a competent military leadership .The advantages and disadvantage in the war against enemy mainly depend on the military general's brilliance in the respective professionalism regarding the military strategies and tactics.
It is observed,"The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ordered his 50 archers led by Abdullah bin Jubair (R.A) to remain on the top of mountain in order to guard the backside of the Muslims in the battle of Uhad ."The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)accrued three military advantages over the rivels and also set lessons for the military strategies.Firstly ,the back of the Islamic army was acutely safeguarded.Secondly,making sure the defence where offence is not expected but s significant.
Thirdly,the relevance of weapons, which are usable and launch able from distance against adversary ,is highly accentuated.

 3.Discipiline during the wars:

In A military organization,the discipline is a rule that can never be discarded .In actuality I, fighting gallantly owes to the disciplinary order within a force .It is assessed weather the troops are willing to follow what the commander demands.It shows the fighting spirit of military organization.

The more fighting spirit is imbibed into a force the greater chances of victory can be expected.For the purpose,the commander had to examine deeply and investigate the level of troop's tendencies to follow him the battlefield.The companions of the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW)were ready to accept death on cost of Islam.The Battle of Badar (Al-Furqan)is evidence in the said context.

4.Military plans:

In a security competition,the foremost objective that an adversary seek s to achieve vis-a-vis enemy is to ensure its capability for survival. Thence,the manoeuvres are pursued not only to boost up armies capability but also it is required to subdue that of the enemy.For the purpose,the enemy 's sustainability is sought to be tormented .This can only be possible when the rival's economics power is crippled.Likewise ,The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) pursued variety of schemes to make the enemy less -sustainable .

5.Protection of the state :

Every state is supposed to undertake solid decision s regarding the security and the national interest.At cost of national interest,the relations with other states and even with the non - state actors can never be established.The attainable prime objective is to ensure the states survival and protect the relevant national interests.The national unity guarantees this survival.
This,the elements, which threatens the national integrity and unity are to be eradicated.The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was expected to undertake the rational decision in subject of dealing with the trouble making communities such Banu Qainqah,a Jewish tribe to whom the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)made a truce, violently asserted to disunite the Muslims by provoking their past adversarial sentiments.Atbthis spot,fearing the dangers of secret plots by the Jews against Muslims,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) conveyed a message to the tribe for severe consequences.

6.Use of trench to protect the state:

The natural terrains serve importantly for a solid defense.These terrains can be utilized as barricades im front of the expected aggression.Even in the modern era when the state of art technology is being inducted all over the world ,the relevance of natural barricades can never be denied . Ironically,the artificial ways are to be formulated where the natural barricades are not usable for defence.For the purpose,the trenches canals and even the thick walls are constructed to make defence.
Therefore,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) decided to belt the city with trenches from the sides where there were no forests, mountains and human settlement.
Thus,the trench was used as an instrument for sake of averting the intense cavalry attack of Quraish , accentuating the significant of trench strategy that The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) practiced.

7.Preparedness for war :

The practice of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) shows that He (SAW) attached paramount importance to training of his companions and followers in the art of warfare .He (SAW)also encouraged them to aquire skill in using the weapons of war like arrows , swords etc.Horse-riding ,horse -racing,camel riding, shooting were encouraged.The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)gave utmost attention to aquire arms and horses for his troops as much as possible and allocated a considerable portion of public funds for this purpose.


For keeping  high the morale of the Muslim soldiers in war, Islamic teaching on Jihad are very inspiring.According to Islam,Jihad is not aggressive war waged for worldly gains,rather it is a defensive war for the cause of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and in the path of ALLAH ALMIGHTY in the defence of Islam and in the defence of Muslim Ummah.The nobility of cause for which Jihad is fought keeps the morale of the Islamic warrior (Mujahid)high .The Muslim warrior knows that he is  fighting for ALLAH ALMIGHTY and ALLAH ALMIGHTY give him reward for his services in this world as well as the Hereafter.

9.Unity of command and battle formation:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to give highest priority  to the organization of the Islamic army in the Battlefield.Central command of army ,in the battles in which He (SAW)  was present ,was always with him while He (SAW)delegated sectional commands to various leaders.

10.Minimal loss if life:

It is said that the greatest general is he who achieves his war aims with minimum loss in terms of human lives . Prophet Muhammad (SAW)always made it sure that unnecessary bloodshed should be avoided and loss of lives should be minimum not only on His side but also on the side of enemy.HE (SAW) subdued all of His enemies, crushed their power and brought the Arabian peninsula (comprising an area not less than 2 million sq.kilometres )under the banner of Islam. Most of the smaller military expeditions which He (SAW) sent from time to time were bloodless.

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