Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)as a Model

 Since the practices of the Prophet Muhammad SAW also demonstrate His duty as an Educator, there is no difference between theory and practice. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW),who said that He (SAW) was sent only as a teacher,was a perfect one indeed.HE (SAW)carried out His educational activities successfully, productively,and effectively.Muawiyya said:"I have never seen a teacher better than Him."The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was a good example for people as a teacher.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Both the Prophet Muhammad's(SAW) life and the Quran and Hadith prove that The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was born as a capable Person and raised specially for tabligh .
He (SAW)was from a distinguished family in Makkah,a cultural center at that time.
He(SAW) attracted attention with His bright intelligence and superior abilities.
He (SAW)took trips with his uncle or on His own He (SAW)worked as merchant.He (SAW)knew people and life very well 
In some verses for f Quran, ALLAH states that Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was endowed with some special gifts.In the Holy Quran ALLAH ALMIGHTY indicates that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)gained knowledge and wisdom by means of a special method.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)as a Teacher

In other verse,ALLAH SAYS that HE taught Him the things He did not know.
There are many verses indicating that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was educated by ALLAH .
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:
Knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure out of which nothing is spent in the cause of ALLAH ".
(Altrimdhi Hadith 108).
Prophet Muhammad (SAW)said :
Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge ALLAH will make a path to Jannah easy for him."
Additionally,the verses of the Holy Quran enlighten the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in what to heed in delivering the message of from ALLAH .
This shows us that being a teacher is not a simple task that can be accomplished by an ordinary person.

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