Battle of Chains, Battle of Walja and Ullis

1.A battle of chains:

Hair was the place where the first battle between the Muslims and and Persians took place.Persians were under the command of Hurmuz ,a famous Persian general.According to the Islamic practice and advice given by the Caliph, Hazrat Khalid (R.A.) invited the Persians to Islam and wrote to them: Submit to Islam and be safe.Or agree to the payment of jizya,and you and your people will be under our protection,If you do not agree to any of these conditions then the only alternative is the use of sword.Before deciding on the third alternative you should keep in your mind that I am bringing against you a people who love death more than you love your life ."
Consolidation of Islam

Persians were too proud and paid no attention to Hazrat Khalid (R.A) invitation.A battle took place at Hafir and Persians were defeated and routed .In order not to run from the battlefield the Persians soldiers had tied themselves to one another with chains.Due to this the battle is known as battle of chains.But it proved fruitless because of the effective attack of Muslims.Even the commander of the Persian army was killed in this battlefield.

2.Battle of Walja and Ullis:

After the battle of chains at Hafir some other small skirmishes took place at Madhar ,Walja and Ullis,etc.The Muslims fought with force several times bigger than them and defeated the Persians not because of their numbers and weapons but due to the power of Imaan and trust in ALLAH .
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3.The fall of Hira:

Hira was a famous fort of Persians.After fighting the small battles Hazrat Khalid (R.A.) besieged the city of Hira.Persians resisted in the beginning but later on they surrendered to Muslims.Hazrat Khalid (R.A.)imposed jizya(defence tax)on them.Then,he captured other last battle of this expedition of Hazrat Khalid (R.A)took place at Firad.A huge force of Persian Arabs (residing in Iraq)and Syrians who joined Persians in that battle crossed the river Euphrates.A fierce battle was fought on the 15th Dhul Qa'dah ,12 A.H.Hazrat Khalid (R.A)routed the enemies and conquered the place .By this victory whole of south and most of the north Iraq were conquered.Then, Hazrat Khalid (R.A.) returned to Hira.

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