Battle of Motah

 To the North of Arabian peninsula was Roman empire.Even before the victory over Makkah,the relations with Romans started getting sour.Most of these people were Christians and was under the influence of Roman empire.Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had sent a delegation of Muslims to invite those tribes living in the north near the border of Syria to Islam.

These natives killed 15 delegates, and only the leader of the delegation of Ka,ab bin Ghafari    managed to escape and reached Madinah.Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at this difficult time sent message of Islam to Sharjeel,ruler of Basra,but he also killed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)envoy Haris bin Umair .This ruler of Basra was also a subordinate to emperor of Rome.

Gazwa e Motah

So,due to these reasons,The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)sent an army of 3000 soldiers towards Syria in Jamadi ul Awwal in the year 8A.H.,So,that , Muslims in this regions are not considered weak and harassed .But the Muslims continued advancing and at last 3000 spirited Muslims clashed with such a big Roman army at a place 'Motah'.Apparently, the result of this situation would have resulted in complete crush of this small Muslim group in the hand of the big Roman army.But the virtue of ALLAH ALMIGHTY,this Roman army could not harm the Muslims.

The most impressive incident was that a commander of the Roman army,Foroha-Bin-Amr Al -Jazami,got attracted to the teachings of Islam and became a Muslim.

Gazwa e Motah

Then,he gave a strong proof of his faith,as when dictator of Rome asked him either to reconvert to his previous religion, i.e Christianity and get reinstated or be ready for execution.

But,he renegated his rank and status and announced that the success in hereafter is dearer to him than the mundane leadership.

So,he was killed.This incident was such that thousands of the people understood the real importance and moral strength of Islam and they realized that it was not easy for them to cope with the surging flood of this new movement.

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