Battle of Hunain

 1.Impacts of the conquest over Makkah

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) merciful behaviour and the interaction between Muslims and infidels resulted in the acceptance of Islam by a large number of infidels.This victory shunned the misconception of all tribes about the Prophethood . They realized that the inviter to Islam (The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was not hungry of power or wealth rather HE(SAW) was the Messenger of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and characteristics of Islam were before their eyes .The whole Arab realized the reality of this invitation (to Islam)and those who had the capacity in their hearts,knew that this was the truth, nothing but the truth.
Valley of Hunain

2.Spread of Islam 

So,just after the victory over Makkah ,delegations from various tribes started  coming to Makkah to embrace Islam.This situation was uncomfortable for those who had anger and hatred against Islam.The flames of bigotry and opposition flared in their hearts .Hawazan and Saqeef wer two tribes leading in this respect.These people were very fond of wars.The spread of Islam made them extremely perplexed.They understood that they were the next target .

3.Meeting of Hawazan and Saqeef

The chiefs of these two tribes discussed the gravity of matter and decided that whatever may happen, Muslims ought to be challenged to prevent this danger from spreading further, otherwise they would themselves perish.They choose Malik Ibn Auf Nazri as their king and started preparations for war .They also aligned with many other tribes with themselves.

4.Battle of Hunain

When The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was apprised of these developments,He (SAW) counselled with His companions and it was decided to suppress this increasing menace in time .So,on 10th of Shawl in the year 8A.H.,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)set out with a strong army of 12,000 soldiers to curb this danger . Muslims were sure that the enemy will take to defeat ,seeing the strong and well-armed army.
ALLAH ALMIGHTY has ordered in the Holy Quran:
"Assuredly,Allah did help you in many battlefields and on the day of Hunain.Behold your great numbers elated you but they availed you naught .The land for all that,it will de did constrain you and you turned back in the retreat.But ALLAH pour HIS calm on the Messenger (SAW) and on the believers and sent down forces which you saw not .HE punished the unbelievers thus does HE reward those without faith."(Chapter Al -Taubah :Ayah -25,26)


Hunain is the name of valley located between MAKKAH and Taif .This battle was fought here .When the Muslim army entered the valley ,the enemy soldiers started shooting arrows on them relentlessly from the surrounding hillocks.Muslims were not ready for this ambush.Their arrays got dispersed and for some time they lost the ground.
Many Bedouin tribes turned their back in retreat,most of them were those who embraced Islam in the recent past and their spiritual training was incompetent yet.Amid this chaotic situation,The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) remained steadfast and used to call Muslims to show valour.This steadiness of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and the firmness of the large number of companions around The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reinforced Muslims and then everyone of them proved that he was a valorous solider.
ALLAH ALMIGHTY has termed this patience of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and His companions as His calm(state of satisfaction and tranquility) bestowed by ALLAH ALMIGHTY to Him (SAW).As a result,the tide of war turned in favour of the Muslims and they had a comprehensive victory over infidels.
Seventy infidels were killed and thousands of them were taken into custody .

6.Pursuit of foes and benediction

The rest of the infidels'army took refuge in Taif.This place used  to be considered a safe place .The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)gave them a chase and laid around Taif .Taif had a strong find, famous fort,in which the infidels had taken refuge .The siege lasted for 20 days and when The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)sure that the enemy was broken and they were not in a position to offer any resistance,lifted the siege and humbly made request to Allah ALMIGHTY for Saqeef tribe that ALLAH guide them and make their minds to surrender to Him (The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
So was the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) compassion and mercy that that used to compel him to pray even in the favour of enemies.

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