Apostasy wars during the reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique(R.A.)

 Some disbelievers declared their prophethood and started revolt.Four of those were main figures among such a false prophets.A brief account of them is given here .

1.Aswad Ansi:

He rose in Yemen and was known as Ansi "the veiled Prophet"because he put veil on his face all the time .After collecting a big army he stood up in open revolt against Islam.He was killed by Qais Makshuh and his followers scattered.


He belonged to the tribe of Bani Asad in northern Arabia .Just after the death of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)he rose in open revolt. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.)sent Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.)to crush the rebellion.After a fierce fight Tulaiha's army was defeated and he ran away to Syria Afterwards he accepted Islam.
Reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)

3.Sajah bint al- Harith in Suwaid :

She belonged to the tribe of Bani Tamim.After the death of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)a number of chiefs of this tribe including Malik bin Nuwairah repudiated Islam and Sajah declared her prophetess.Four thousand people including some of the chiefs gathered around her to march to Madinah .She also forced those who did not cooperate with her to follow.
On her way to Madinah she was informed about the Islamic army led by Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.)who had crushed the rebellion of Tulaiha .Hearing the news of Islamic army she was frightened and wrote the letter to Musailimah Al -Kadhab (the liar)seeking his cooperation.Musailimah had also declared his prophethood .A mutual understanding was reached in the beginning but later Sajah married Musailimah.
In the meantime Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.) reached the headquarters of the tribe of Bani Tamim.Aftrr the marriage of Sajah with Musailimah most of the people belonging to the Bani Tamim had already re-entered Islam . Hazrat Khalid (R.A.)did not say anything to such persons but fought with those who were still apostates and defeated them .
After crushing the rebellion of Bani Tamim he returned his attention to the notorious false prophet Musailimah al-Kadhab (the liar).


Musailimah belonged to a tribe of central Arabia.His tribe did not want to follow the "Prophet of Quraish (The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him),so they accepted him as a prophet According to some historians,he declared his prophethood during the later period of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). However,he openly did so after the death of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)sent Shurahbeel bin Hasnah and Hazrat Ikrimah (R.A.) to crush the rebellion.Lator on, Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.)also joined them.
Musailimah was commanding an army of 40,000 bedouins.Some of them joined only to support their tribe although they did not believe in Musailimah.The Islamic army of 13,000 men was under the command of Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A.).A fierce battle was fought.A number of prominent companions were slain in the fight .In the end Musailimah's army was defeated.He himself was killed by Hazrat Wahshi (R.A.) the same person who was responsible for Hazrat Hamza's(R A.) martyrdom in the battle of Uhad at a time when he was not a Muslim.
In this battle about 800 Muslims were martyred among whom were 360 companions of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).A number of Huffaz were also (i.e.those who committed all the Holy Quran to memory)were also martyred.
Musailimah's defeat raised the standing of Muslims once more in the whole of Arabia.Thus,in a short period of false prophets and their followers were wiped out by virtue of firm faith and wisdom of As-Siddique al -Akbar (R.A.).But there were still a number of problems to be solved.

5.Apostasy movement:

The new converts had not learnt the spirit of Islam .For centuries،the Arabian tribes knew no authority.Islam disciplined them and put them under certain obligations. Drinking and gambling of pre-Islamic days had been prohibited . Their wild spirit rebelled against this moral control.They wanted a chance which they got after the death of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and considered it the right time to throw off the yoke of Islam.That was the time when virtually the whole of the Arabian peninsula was under the grip of civil war .It was the firm determination of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R A.)which permanently quelled the rebellions . But Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)did not lose heart and faced the situation with utmost courage and Imaan.
Reign of Hazrat Abu Bakar As-Siddique (R.A.)

6.Refusal to pay Zakat:

The rebellion started with the refusal of the tribes to deposit Zakat fund in the Bait ul Mal (public Treasury)as was done during the days of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.)called a meeting of his shoora(advisory council )and sought its advice.Most of the companions did not consider it advisable to take action for the time being because of the wars against false prophets and revolts.But Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.)was firm on taking strong and prompt action so that others may have lesson.He therefore declared,"I swear by by ALLAH I will fight alone,if others do not support me, against everybody whosoever refuses a single kid due on him in Zakat ."
He(R A ) launched a big campaign without delay.He(R.A.) collected the troops in Madinah and divided them into eleven battalions,each under the command of an experienced commander and sent them out to different parts of Arabia.His )R.A.)instructions for them were to call rebels to Islam first,and if they failed,to fight them.some of the rebel tribes submitted to Islam without fighting.Wars were waged against those who remained adamant.With the help of these battalions As-Siddique al -Akbar (R.A.) crushed all the forces of rebellion, disorder and apostasy.

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