The Battle of Badr|First Jihad

life in Makkah was becoming difficult for the Muslims .The growing oppression and tortures of Quraish became unbearable.The Muslims were prevented from worshipping ALLAH . Consequently,Allah,THE EXALTED, revealed orders to migrate .The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and his companions secretly planned to escape the watchful disbelievers ,who intended to kill the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and His companions in their own homeland and thus bring an end to the religion of Islam.But ALLAH, THE EXALTED,aided HIS Messenger (SAW) to immigrate to Madinah.

Site of Badr

The new abode of ALLAH's Messenger (SAW), Madinah, integrated the commercial routes to Makkah.The trade caravans of the disbelievers passing near al -Madinah now faced serious danger .The disbelievers had already experienced the love and devotion of the Sahabah for ALLAH and HIS MESSENGER (SAW).They knew that Sahabah were always ready to sacrifice everything,they had ,for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).Thus,in order to safeguard their trade ,the disbelievers undertook all the possible efforts to expel the Muslims from Madinah.

They sent a serious ultimatum to the chief of the disbelievers in Madinah, Abdullah Ibn Ubai Ibn Sahul,ordering him to fight or drive out The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) from Madinah.Otherwise,they would attack their city and destroy their people.However,The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) cautioned Abdullah and his men from taking any cruel steps against the Muslims and as a result of his cowardice, Abdullah withheld his devilish plan.The disbelievers of Makkah also sent a note to the Ansar(the Muslims of Madinah who aided The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) threatening to put them to death if they helped The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)or defended Him.But the Ansar loved ALLAH 's Messenger (SAW)more than their lives and,therefore,paid no heed to the threats.

1.The First order of Jihad:
Site of Badr

While in Makkah,the Muslims were prohibited to openly fight against disbelievers who were greater in number and the Muslims were few.When the disbelievers went to extremes in their transgressions ,that they forced ALLAH's Messenger  (SAW) and HIS companions to leave the most sacred place, resolved to kill The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and sent threats to the Muslims in Madinah;ALLAH ALMIGHTY revealed verses of The Holy Quran giving permission to the Muslims to fight the disbelievers.Then,the Muslims had the support of the Ansar,they had a place where Islam prevailed and and where they could retreat.It was an appropriate time for Jihad.

In Quran

" Permission (to fight)has been given to those who are being fought , because they were wronged And indeed,ALLAH is competent to give them victory."(Surah Hajj:39)
 Following the order of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) decided to first bring the commercial routes to Makkah under control.He (SAW)sighed a peace treaty with the Jews and other neighboring tribes.He (SAW)also sent groups of Sahabah from time to time to ambush the caravans along their commercial routes.The intent was to caution the disbelievers that Muslims had become Strong and any cruel act against the Muslims, whether those who were left in Makkah or those who resided in Madinah,might cause danger to their trade and livelihood.The disbelievers realized the real danger of the Muslims, and as a result they were discouraged.Meanwhile ,ALLAH,THE ALL WISE, equipped the Muslims in Madinah for war against the enemies.HE revealed Quranic verses encouraging the Muslims for Jihad,and teaching them ways of fighting.According to the Holy Quran,
"Fight in the way of ALLAH those who fight you but do not transgress . Indeed,ALLAH does not like transgressors ."(Surah Al Baqra:190)

2.Arsenal of both armies:

The Muslim army was not more than 313, including 82-86Muhajir(the immigrants from Makkah) and the others were the Ansar.They had only two horses and 70camels to ride.Most of them even not possess simple weapons to fight ;some had swords but no bows and arrows, while others possessed spears but no swords.The army was neither well -equipped ,nor well-prepared for war . Moreover the Muslims were old,sick, starving and weak.But pleased with the words and willingness of the Sahabah to fight the disbelievers and putting all trust IN ALLAH, The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)marched towards the wells of Badr.
When the Muslims encamped at Badr ,the disbelievers sent one of their men,Umar Ibn Wahab Jumani ,to spy about their numbers and strength.He reported that the Muslims were not more than 310 men.Hearing this,the disbelievers increased in their arrogance and pride, and showed no desire to fight the Muslims.Utbah Ibn Rabi'ah remarked,'let us go back without a fight .'Meaning the low number of the Muslims was no match to the large and well-equipped army of the Makkans.But they knew that the Sahabah were too brave to surrender and thus they would fight untill the last man killing the largest number of polytheists.However ,Abu Jahl opposed them and expressed his firm determination to kill them no matter how few they were!

3.ALLAH's blessing for the believers:

Before the Muslims arrived at Badr ,the disbelievers had already taken over the raised piece of land and so the Muslims had to take the low lying sandy spot.And between them remained sandy piece of land.Ibn Abbas (R.A.)said:
"Muslims felt weak and shaytan  cast frustration into their hearts.He whispered to them,'You claim that you are ALLAH's supporters and that HIS Messenger (SAW)is among you!However the disbelievers have taken over the water resource from you,while you pray needing purity!'ALLAH sent doen heavy rain  allowing the Muslims to drink and use it for purity .ALLAH also removed shaytan's whisper and made the sand firm when  rain fell on it ,and the Muslims Walked on the sand along with their animals ,untill they reached the enemy."[At -Tabeer(13:423)]
So,ALLAH sent rain as a blessing for the believers,but for the disbelievers,the rain was an obstacle that prevented them from further progress.The blessing of rain strengthened the believers' hearts and encouraged them to fight the enemies of ALLAH .They experienced a sense of security.Then,ALLAH descended another blessing on them;slumber overcame the Muslims and they slept sound the whole night without fear .The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)spent the whole night in prayer.

4.First day of Battle:

In the morning, ALLAH's Messenger (SAW)called the Sahabah to offer the prayer and then positioned them for the battle.YE (SAW)ordered them not to start fighting unless HE (SAW) ordered them.On the other hand ,ALLAH's Messenger (SAW)supplicated to ALLAH saying:"O ALLAH the proud and arrogant Quraish are already here disobeying YOU and belying your Messenger. ALLAH !I am waiting for your victory which you have promised me.I beseech YOU ALLAH  to defeat them (the enemies)."
The battle started and three men from the disbelievers,Utabah Ibn Rabi'ah ,his brother Shaibah and his son Waleed stepped forward .The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)sent Ubaidah Ibn al-Harith (R A.)Hamza (R.A.)(His (SAW)uncle )and Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R .A)[HIS (SAW) cousin]to fight .Hamzah (R.A.)killed Shaibah and Hazrat Ali (R A.)killed al-waleed.Ubaidah was seriously wounded but Hazrat Hamzah (R.A.)fell upon Utbah and cut off his head .In this way ,in one on one combat ,the disbelievers lost their three most brave men.So they decided to attack the Muslims as a whole .The Muslims were ordered to carry out a defensive war .

5.ALLAH's Help:

Allah's Rasool (SAW) continuously prayed to ALLAH .HE(SAW) stretch forth His Hands and supplicated to ALLAH, Immediately,ALLAH responded to the supplication sent angles fot help.ALLAH SAYS:
"[Remember]when You asked help of your LORD,and HE answered YOU,Indeed,I will reinforce you with a thousand from the angles , following one another ."(Surah Al -Anfaal:9)
Many narrations speak about the appearance of angles in the battle of Badr.It is mentioned in Sahih Muslim that Ibn Abbas(R.A.)said:
"While on that day a Muslim from the Ansar was chasing a disbeliever,he heard over him the swashing of a whip and the voice of rider saying :'Go ahead Haizum.'He looked at the disbelievers who had fallen on the ground on his back.The man came to ALLAH's Messenger (SAW)and related the incident,upon which ALLAH's Messenger said:"You have told the truth.This was the help from the heaven."
Another in incident is reported,where another man from the Ansar captured Abbas Ibn Abdul Mutlib ,who said:"O Messenger (SAW)of ALLAH! BY ALLAH this man did not capture me.I was captured by a man who was bald and had the most handsome face ,and who was riding a horse.I cannot see him here among the people."The man from the Ansar said:'I captured him,O Messenger (SAW)of ALLAH!'THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW) replied:"Be quiet, ALLAH,The ALMIGHTY, strengthened you with the help of a noble angel."
Another great help from ALLAH was that HE placed terror and fright in the hearts of the disbelievers.
This is why instead of being greater in number and being well-equipped and loaded with weapons,the disbelievers fled the battlefield in awe.

In Quran

"(Remember)when your LORD inspired to the angles,"I am with you,so strengthen the those who have believed.I will cast terror  into the hearts of those who disbelieved ,so strike (them)upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip."[Surah Anfal :12]

6.Victory for the Believers:

With the help of ALLAH, ALLAH's Messenger (SAW)and his companions fought bravely until the Quraish suffered great loss and fled the battlefield.They lost 70 of their best men and 70 were taken as prisoners by the Muslims.Only 14 Muslims were martyred in this battle.After the battle Badr ,the Muslims emerged as one powerful nation.

7.Lessons from the Battle of Badr

The battle of Badr is a great example from our history that teaches ;'victory does not depend on numbers or collecting weapons and shields-victory is from ALLAH.'
"How often has a small group overcome a might host by ALLAH's leave.And ALLAH is with the patient."
However ,ALLAH only grants victory to those who believe in HIM and put their complete trust in HIM.ALLAH sent blessing and help to the believers in the battle of Badr and made them victorious over the disbelieving pagans only after putting them to trial!ALLAH tested the Muslims for 10 years in Makkah and then HE tested them again by the order to migrate to Madinah leaving behind all possessions.
It was the result of the unwavering trust of the Sahabah in ALLAH that they willingly marched towards the battlefield field,even though they knew that the disbelievers had come with huge army and weaponry. 

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