Importance of Charter of Madinah|Mithaq -e-Madinah

 It is a landmark document,not only in Muslim history but also in the constitutional history of the world.This charter transformed all aspects of life in Madinah including political, religious and social life .Its biggest achievement was bringing belligerent tribes together to form a polity and establishing long -term peace among them.It created a state where equal rights and responsibilities were truly provided for all citizens.
Significance of Charter of the

1.Effects of charter of Madinah:

A perusal of the charter would clearly indicate that it aimed at and brought about a complete transformation in the political, religious and civic life of Madinah.


It established political unity and transformed the city of warring tribes into the a peaceful state or republic,headed by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)under the sovereignty of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.


It replaced civil strife and discord.The life  and property of every person, Muslim or Jew,was protected by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and Islam .The charter guaranteed equality of rights and duties to the citizens of Madinah irrespective of their colour, creed or social status.Thus ,a rule of law was proclaimed where there was before  a rule of tribal vengeance and inequality.


It proclaimed the principals of religious freedom and tolerance.
Charter of Madinah

2.Significance  of the charter of Madinah:

The charter of Madinah has been called the first constitution of the world.It proclaimed the principals of civic equality,the rule of law, freedom of ownership and religious tolerance.But it was more than that;it was the manifesto of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), outlining His plan or program for rebuilding the strife -torn areas of Yathrib.It was a similar plan for unifying the war-torn land of Arabia.The charter Clearly showed that The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)aimed at such a rebuilding at Madinah in which the Muslims and the Jews would be an equal citizens.At that time nearly half of the population of Madinah was Jewish.They were landlords, merchants and shopkeepers and possessed great wealth and riches.

A new socio -political Order:

Another significant change which the charter brought about was the establishment a new social order in place of the old tribal  kinship.The new community was to be organized on allegiance to the new religion and the sovereignty of ALLAH.Wars and disputes between clan and clan and tribe and tribe were common in Arabia.The charter of Madinah, however , substituted a new and stronger bond of allegiance to Islam , loyalty to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the sovereignty of ALLAH ALMIGHTY in place of the limited and weak bond of tribal membership.It unified several tribes of Madinah and aimed at uniting all the tribes of Arabia.Social and political brotherhood of Islam took precedence over all other ties and relationships of blood and tribe .It bound all Muslims together for offence ;it guaranteed them the protection of the community,except when a man was an obvious offender It made Allah and HIS Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the final arbitrator in all disputes.

Dr Hamidullah writes in his book, The First written Constitution,

"This new constitution brought with revolutionary change and improvement in Arabia by providing the People with a central public institution for seeking justice, in place of everyone seeking it with the power of his own hand or ,at best,that of her s family . This epoch-making innovation brought an end for all times to the chaos of tribalism and which laid the basis for a wider institution ,viz.a state."

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