Five pillars of Islam

There are five pillars of Islam.The name of these pillars are given as under;

1.Kalima Tayyaba





1.Kalima Tayyaba:

Kalima Tayyaba is a first pillar of Islam.The person who recites this Kalima becomes a Muslim and have rights equal to other Muslims.
First pillar of Islam


Namaz is a second pillar of Islam. Muslims offers prayers five times a day.Ablution is mandatory for offering prayers.

Second pillar of Islam


The Muslims keep fast in the Month of Ramadan for 29 or 30 days . They helps the needy people according to Shariah by paying fitrana.After the fasting the Muslims celebrates Eid ul fitar .
Third pillar of Islam


Zakat is a fourth pillar of Islam.It is an important obligation for the person who had wealth equal to 52 tola silver(chandi)and 7 and half tola gold and one year must be passed for this amount.
Fourth pillar of Islam


Hajj is a fifth pillar of Islam.It is mandatory for a wealthy person and must perform one time in his life.

Fifth pillar of Islam
These are the five pillars of Islam that are mandatory for a Muslim according to Shariah.

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